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Myth vs. Merit

Do you constantly run into people who give you tons of unsolicited advice? Pop in here to get the facts and identify Myth vs. Merit!


Breastfeeding hurts and it is always going to hurt!

Colostrum is not real milk. It takes 3-4 days after birth for your milk to come in.

You will lose a ton of weight breastfeeding and be back to your pre-baby body in no time!

I have small breasts, I will not be able to produce enough milk to feed my baby.



Pain with breastfeeding normally subsides once your baby's latch is corrected.

Colostrum is milk. It is created in the 3rd trimester. Mature milk comes in 3-4 days after delivery.

While breastfeeding burns calories, food intake and an active lifestyle will be the key factors to weight loss.

Milk-producing breast tissue grows during pregnancy which does not correlate to breast size. Size doesn't matter.

Breastfeeding will make your breasts sag.

It really is based on the many changes your breasts go through during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding will make your baby clingy and only want you.

Studies show breastfed babies are more independent in life later on as many of their needs were tended to. Research online "The 4th trimester.

You cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding.

Exclusively breastfeeding can delay your cycle, but you can definitely still get pregnant.


At The Aladun Tree we provide mothers with the tools and support they need to breastfeed their babies comfortably and easily.

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