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About Me


I initially very much needed that knowledge to fight back against those who thought my choices were poor. Then I realized I also needed that knowledge to pass on to anyone else who needed it. I became a source of information for those who knew me. It took me a while to realize this knowledge was needed elsewhere. Now I want to become a source of information for anyone in need.

About Me

Growing up, I had never seen a woman breastfeeding and formula feeding was the norm. It seems as though as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I suddenly had the urge to breastfeed. Breastfeeding quickly became my first and only option. I had no idea what that entailed but I was determined. So I went online to learn what I could as I powered through the knowledge gap.

Doubt continued to creep in and was hard to shrug it off at times. To ensure my doubt did not take over (and to shut the naysayers up), I chose to take my knowledge a step forward. I chose to become a CLC, Certified Lactation Counselor. Knowledge is power and I needed that knowledge to empower my choices.


My Approach

Listening to your needs, understanding your concerns, educating you on best practices, and then devising a plan to meet you where you are. One recommendation doesn't fit all and we will work to create a plan that works for you and the journey you desire.


Our Vision

At The Aladun Tree, we are dedicated to elevating the lactation intelligence of both individuals and organizations, fostering a world where unwavering support for lactating parents is intentionally woven into every step of their journey, from inception to completion. As your dedicated Certified Lactation Counselor, I am committed to not only addressing any obstacles you may face but also to providing comprehensive education and curating a personalized plan that perfectly aligns with your needs and goals. As your company's Lactation Program Manager, I am able to leverage my extensive background in program management within the technology industry, spanning over 12 years, with my certification as a Lactation Counselor. This unique combination of skills positions me to successfully implement and oversee lactation programs in corporate settings across diverse industries and organizations of various sizes. 

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