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We S.E.E. you with Support, Empowerment, and Education

Corporate Lactation


Many parents face a choice between the life they want as individuals and their careers. One thing parents shouldn’t have to choose between is how they feed their children and their career. 


This pro bono program will provide Breastfeeding knowledge, advice, and recommendations to pregnant moms ages 13-19. Even if you give birth at 20, if you are pregnant at 19 you are eligible to this program.


Sometimes you require a more one-on-one approach in the resolution of breastfeeding issues. You may also require a more personalized approach to your education.


By purchasing this package you and the recipient agree to the terms and conditions listed on my website at

Personal Lactation


The Aladun (pronounced A-La-Doon) Tree is an organization where our mission is to protect parent's decision to breastfeed by providing knowledge and lactation support with pride, authenticity, flexibility, and honesty.


We provide comprehensive, personalized support to help you and your baby reach your breastfeeding goals by providing  evidence-based information and resources to guide you through your journey. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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