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Why we're here?

Our mission at The Aladun Tree is to protect parent's decision to breastfeed by providing knowledge and lactation support with pride, authenticity, flexibility, and honesty.

We SEE You! What brings you here?


Need personalized support in your breastfeeding journey? Easily schedule individual sessions with me. Together we will create solutions to fit your lifestyle to any hurdles. Click the arrow below. 


Trying to figure out if that unsolicited advice about breastfeeding is true? Need some quick tips handy in case someone has something to say about your choices? Your knowledge bank is right here. Click the arrow below.


Are you a company looking to improve your Breastfeeding IQ? Breastfeeding can have a bigger impact than you think. There are various actions that can be taken to improve your IQ. Click the arrow below.

Click here to get to know the person who is going to simplify your Breastfeeding journey! 

Certified Lactation Counselor
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