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Wine Glasses

Don't pump and dump

The amount of liquor that gets through to the milk cells is so minimal it can go undetected. Removing milk after ingesting alcohol does nothing.  If you don't believe me, Google Jack Newman (Pediatrician) for more info. However if the alcohol prohibits your ability to safely parent, forgo it.

Ice Block Delivery

Deep Freezer

You do NOT need a deep freezer full of milk to successfully breastfeed. Begin pumping a week before returning to work/school and you will be fine. Babies on avg. need 1-1.5oz per hour you are away, even as they age. Plan accordingly. 


Trust Yourself

Educate yourself and then Trust yourself. That's the pro tip. 


No microwave

Heating up breastmilk to a very high temp can kill it's nutrients. Instead fill a cup with hot water and place your bottle of milk in the cup to warm up.



Pacefeeding is the preferred way of bottle feeding a breastfed baby as it mimics direct breastfeeding. Ensure your childcare provider understands and implements this practice.

Listening to baby's lungs

No greedy babies

 Babies are either plain old hungry, going through a growth spurt, or are busy growing their little bodies. Most babies work well on the 1 - 1.5oz of milk per hour, even as they age. There may be an increase during spurts but this generally works. Do not overfeed your baby and then call them greedy when their bellies grow to accommodate the large quantity of milk given.

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