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Dig Deeper powered by The Aladun Tree

Who Are We

The Dig Deeper contest is currently closed. Check the website to see when the contest re-opens. Feel free to read the info below to get a glimpse into this amazing offer. 

Welcome to the "Dig Deeper" contest, where we invite people to nominate organizations to receive the gift of Corporate Lactation by The Aladun Tree. An implementation of a transformative journey towards fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace for breastfeeding and lactating working parents. This contest offers an opportunity for companies to win an exclusive lactation program facilitated by The Aladun Tree. We encourage organizations of all sizes to participate and share their commitment to creating a nurturing environment for working mothers. The winning organization will receive a tailored lactation program designed to enhance employee well-being, promote inclusivity, and establish a breastfeeding-friendly workplace. Join us in championing a culture that prioritizes the needs of parents and sets a new standard for workplace support.

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